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With decades of experience as an attorney working for the U.S. Government, Samuel T. Morison offers clients the benefits of keen legal insight, strategic thinking, and extensive knowledge of federal laws, regulations, and practices.

For individuals struggling with a past federal felony conviction, the process of applying for executive clemency can be daunting. As a former staff attorney in the Office of the Pardon Attorney (OPA), Mr. Morison is uniquely qualified to guide you through the process of applying for a presidential pardon. The process is complicated by confusing rules and hidden obstacles.  A high percentage of submitted applications have flaws that cause OPA to recommend against clemency. That is why it is important that clemency applicants get qualified guidance from someone who understands exactly how the Justice Department reviews each application. 

Similarly, the federal laws that regulate global trade are also exacting and complex. Mr. Morison has years of experience helping both domestic and international business organizations successfully navigate the sometimes treacherous regulatory waters and ensures that they remain compliant with the law.

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